Wallpaper Fixing

Wallpapers transform ony boring wall into on accent wall. You con rest assured thot our wallpapers ore the epitome of luxury and quality. Our natural collection is inspired from nature. imitating the beautify ul textures and patterns from the great outdoors bring relief indoors. Be it the deep woods or refreshing forest greens, tone for your work spoce,
there ore so many magical inspirations amidst patterns for you to choose o wallpaper form.

We install wallpapers using the best quality of glue which is imported from Germany or USA. Glue is been used as per quality of paper as some paper require normal glue and some require hard glue for fixing. We also undertake fabric wallpapers which comes in panels. We install wallpapers for residential which comes in various types and sizes such as:

Types of Wallpaper
  • Vinyl Wallpapers
  • Embossed Wallpaper
  • Nonwoven Wallpapers
  • Textile Wallpapers
  • Photo Wall Mural
Sizes of Wallpaper
  • 53 CM Roll Size

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